Moby (the DJ) – Now a Rich Fake News Conspirator |Gianni Franco|

Yes, Moby is the latest person in the public eye to take a swipe at conspiracy theory. This time it is towards the President. A very wealthy DJ that made most of his money from investing, not music, in Apple and Whole Foods stock is now stating that he has “secret” documents. These “secret” docs will impeach the President and topple the American government because Russian authorities are blackmailing the President for sex. The prior sentences will be a double take for the reader so please read them again because Mr Moby did actually make them.


Can’t this 51 year old has been DJ just use his real name or is that “secret” too? Using the name “Mr Moby” sounds dumb and accurately portrays this DJ considering his Twitter handle, which is @thelittleidiot. Yes, @thelittleidiot is the correct Twitter handle for this moron. Another double take for the reader. I was going to use the Twitter handle in the headline, @thelittleidiot, but figured no one would actually believe it.

I will summarize the prior statements. A DJ with the Twitter handle @thelittleidiot is accusing the President and Government of being involved in a blackmail conspiracy about sex and soon Mr Moby will be the sole person to expose this information to the public. Out of the 7.5 billion people on the planet, only Mr Moby holds these documents. Mr Moby you are not that special. You are not a Messiah, not a government figure, and certainly not a CIA operative. Some drunk idiot you met a bar told you he has “information” and you get excited like a ten year old girl at a Katie Perry concert. Very sad Mr Moby. Very sad.

Stop listening to these people and stop supporting these people. Speak up for yourself and make it heard that all artists need to be muted. Shut these rich egomaniacal people up! They forward the anti-truth and if you believe their words you have failed society. I do not care which political side you support. This article is about the anti-truth. It shows how the wealthy media and artists continue to pander to the public and report fake news. Their goal is to put fear into the citizens of the country just as the Nazis did during WWII. Perhaps Mr Moby should make music again to feed his narcissism. Oh that’s right no one will listen to it, hence why you quit the business.

@thelittleidiot #moby

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