Who is Gianni Franco?

A short excerpt describing my blog.


Stained Mirror, A Serial Killer Memoir is available now.

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This blog is updated as often as possible due to other writing projects.

Stained Mirror is available now.

A macabre, psychological horror novel, blended with crime drama, told in first-person. Stained Mirror exhales a fresh breath into the serial killer trope.
A late-night rendezvous at a bar doesn’t go as planned, awakening the voices that had been quelled for years. Follow Frank Stark, a rough-and-tumble, Sergeant working for the RPD in Upstate New York, as he teeters the tightrope of cop and killer. He seeks acceptance from his psychiatrist, coworkers, and most of all, himself, but none are offering. Adamant falling in love is the cure for all his afflictions, the screaming voices fraying his sanity have other plans. Follow the macabre journey as he seeks redemption, even escaping to Florida.


Such is Life:
Such is Life is a multicultural, multi-ethnic immigrant story about relationships told in 1st person.
Love, hope, redemption, & deceit intersect in Such is Life. Doctor Gordon has told Nicola (Nico) Romano to prepare for the end of his life.
His failing heart is damaged for more than one reason. He creates a familial bucket list. Poor without a car, the Italian immigrant walks the streets of the Rishon borough in New Amsterdam visiting family and friends, as well as making amends with those who have abused him. He’s stifled by their lifelong secrets but preservers with advice from immigrant strangers along the avenues. Follow his emotional journey for redemption and closure.


Gianni Franco was born and raised in Rochester, NY. He has a double major; Bachelor’s in English Literature and Biology; also a Master’s in Healthcare Administration. Pursuing a Doctorate wasn’t in his monetary cards. He wrote for a local newspaper, the Democrat and Chronicle, then The Rochester Magazine, and The American Register. He writes poetry, micro fiction, and short stories.  Twitter @giannipetitti; IG Gianni.Franco


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