Ode to Tom Brady |Gianni Franco|


You wear the number 12 with class and style

Jersey to be hung in Foxboro for awhile

You made it to the number Five

Keeping the Patriots scoring drive after drive

Five ringers for each finger on your throwing hand

The hall of fame will be the final stand

You are every football child’s fantasy

And every woman’s sexual ecstasy

You are the true definition of winning

Against all odds and unforgiving

You have surpassed all the prior bests

They are known as just all the rest

You have now become the G O A T

You are the Greatest of All Time

Haters will continue to angrily spout

Do not pay them any mind

We wish you and your family all the best

It is time to be with them and rest

Walk on      Walk on    G O A T

Walk on     Walk on through the tunnel of continued success

Tom Brady you Are actually the best

#tombrady #goat #newenglandpatriots #boston #superbowl

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