|Please Thank Donald Trump| #Trump #2018 #2020

|Gianni Franco|

Let us arrive into the New Year thanking Donald Trump for the desecration of the Republican Party. Even I was once conservative but will no longer support any Republican in the future. 2017 will be the last year that the Republican Party will ever have a majority in the House and Senate. Trump has single-handedly brought down the legitimacy of the party worldwide due to his delusions and unbridled tweets. Your 30% base, who are just as delusional as you, are not enough to support your future success.

Thank you Trump for reducing the tax rates for the one percent and creating a deficit so large that you will have to destroy Medicare and Medicaid for your personal gain.

Thank you Trump for your fear mongering and unrelenting propaganda that has swayed a minor sect of the population whose feeblemindedness swallowed your cocktail of false promises to make America Great Again. America was never bad unless you include the World Wars, the destruction of Indian lives, the pollution of greed that destroyed the planet, and the thousands of nuclear bomb tests that occurred over the course of fifty years.

Thank you Trump for siding with Nazis and ignoring every other race and culture that developed this country. The Nazis did not bring America forward. It was the Italians, the Irish, the Indians, the French, the Spanish, the Africans, and all the immigrants that brought the United States of America forward. It was and will never be the Nazis. Every race and culture will thank you at the polling stations when they vote against you and your Republican party.

Thank you Trump for using the Jewish community to create a war within the Middle East. We all know that you and Bannon hate the Jewish community but will use them at any given opportunity to create a war that will destroy them. Any good Nazi such as yourself or Bannon will use any race against each other to forward your agenda.

Thank you Trump for consistently lying every day, during every speech, interview, and tweet. Thank you for convincing your small base to follow you, as the Germans followed Hitler under false pretense. Those small minded followers you have will never succeed and have complained about their misfortunes without accepting their personal shortcomings. Unfortunately for you, Mr Trump, it is 2018 and the world will never tolerate another Hitler and will bring you and your Republican party down to your knees.

Thank you Trump for labeling any news outlet who speaks the truth about you as fake news. The American people as well as the world population see you as the fake news and the liar. You, Mr Trump, will not succeed.

Thank you Trump for laundering money for the Russian oligarchs. If it was not for you, all those funds would have had to go through other avenues in the world. Russia thanked you with your election.

Thank you Trump for not releasing your tax returns to prove you did not launder money for the Russian companies and oligarchs.

Thank you Trump for not releasing your tax returns to prove you are not as wealthy as you project to the world population.

Thank you Trump for being intellectually retarded and blind, so much so that Americans and the world population has seen how you will sacrifice everything and anything for your personal gain. The downfall is that you will never succeed and your party will be forevermore mean nothing to the global population. If you thought it was bad before, well you should wait for the repercussions when logic whiplashes the spectrum.

Thank you Trump for being a sodomizer just like your counterparts, Weinstein. With all due respects, although I do not respect you, you can run but you cannot hide for it will all catch up to you and you will be held accountable.

Thank you Trump for instigating WWIII by tweet. Are you really that dumb? The question is rhetorical.

Thank you Trump for evading service in the military and calling McCain a loser POW. McCain is more of a man in one finger than you in a complete body.

Thank you Trump for poking fun at and retaliating against of all your associates and opponents. You have shown the world that your mommy did not pay enough attention to you as a child and every time she said no to you, you would throw a temper tantrum curled up in the corner of your bedroom.

Thank you Trump for losing all of your inheritance to bad business deals and filing bankruptcy more than once. Those actions show that you are and always have been a failure. Oddly enough people bought your book on the premise of a lie.

Thank you Trump for scorning the gay community. They will pay you back with Democratic votes to shut your party down.

Thank you Trump for starving and killing the citizens of Puerto Rico. They will pay you back with Democratic votes when they arrive on US soil.

Thank you Trump for introducing us to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Her new name, under your administration, should be Cuckabee Slanders.

Thank you Trump for alienating all of Europe. If war time ever arrives, we will need them, and they will be nowhere to be found. The world will be against the US and innocent American lives will be lost due to your greed and ignorance.

Thank you Trump for using the NFL protests to your emotional gain. It is now evident that because they rejected your bid for a team that you must tell them how bad they are at business. The truth is you failed in business and cannot accept rejection. The truth is that the NFL has been down in rating for over five years because the game is slow and ridden with commercials. The ratings decline never had anything to with one protest from one NFL player.

Thank you for segregating the African race from your base. Considering your base is only 30% of the US voting population, the Africans will thank you at the polls in 2018 and 2020 to make sure you and your Republican party never survive.

Thank you Trump for the booming economy. The truth is the upward swing has nothing to do with you since Obama and Yellen created the current the monetary swing. Your fiscal year has not yet occurred so you cannot take credit for any of the gains. Additionally, any of your recent executive actions will not affect the market for 2 to 4 years, positively or negatively. The economists will assure you that the market is not up because of you. They are not following you since you are one of the most unintelligent human beings on this planet. I suppose a tax cut for the rich will make them richer but they still view you as the NY village idiot.

Thank you Trump for marrying Melania for your third marriage. It must not be difficult for you to lie to her and the US population every day that you are photographed together. You admitted on Howard Stern that you bought her and she was very expensive. Those recordings are public knowledge and available on YouTube and Google.

Thank you Trump for colluding with Russia. The world now understands how manipulative you are and how much hatred you have for the American Constitution, democracy, and its citizens. Your name will live in infamy and you will be labelled the worst President in history, paralleled to Hitler.

Thank you Trump for stating you will create a border wall with Mexico. The truth behind the wall had all to do with El Chapo. Per documented interviews the money from his capture, which was about $14 billion, was supposed to be used for the wall. That is, how in your words, Mexico will pay for the wall. Ironically in those same documented interviews El Chapo was asked if he ever heard of you and his response was that he knew you. The interview date escapes me. Feel free to check the Netflix doc, The Day I met El Chapo, or Google YouTube video clips.

Thank you Trump for lying to your base about the Mexican border wall. A wall already exists which is 653 miles long and 18 feet high with multiple cameras and sensors spread throughout the terrain. Perhaps when you rethink your border wall you will build it 50 feet deep so no tunnels will be created, but then again the cartels will be upset with you and the money laundering you may provide them.

Thank you Trump for creating your downfall and may your consequences justify your actions with unbridled severity.

|Gianni Franco|

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