|Suicide is Not Selfish, Suicide is a Choice| #suicide

Disclaimer: This article contains sensitive information expressing the author’s personal experiences with suicide, and does not speak to the views of the general populous. Always seek medical support if your life is in danger. 800-273-8255

You are the selfish ones for wanting us to stay around medicated. You don’t live our lives. All you do is judge and decide what we should do and not do. Stop asking me to reach out to you. If I wanted to call you I would. Guess what? I didn’t want to. Your fantasy driven religious cults call us evil. Well, we are not evil. Evil only exists in the false promises that your cults offer.

You Feed us Lithium
Feed us Prozac
Give us ECT
You stare at us as if we are maimed animals
Smiling talking crying whining
Drug and therapy free
While we sidestep synapses in our minds
Let us be

Let us live

Let us die
Then when you talk about our suicide, you relate everything to yourself. Shut the hell up and let us do what we want.

Why are you calling me mentally ill? In order for me to commit suicide I must be of sound mind to calculate all the steps needed to take my life. Stop scapegoating a haphazard diagnosis to explain the choices I make that you are too fearful to address. Deal with the consequences of my actions as you do yours. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you’re running from and what you’re doing to cope with those fears. You’re not superior to another human because you choose not to take your life. Perhaps you’re inferior because you cannot cope with your feelings of longing after my actions occur. What’s so good about this world anyway? It’s filled with death, famine, war, and misery.

Society blames those that commit suicide as being flawed, mentally ill, and unstable. That humiliation is unfair to the individual that has passed away. Perhaps the person that committed suicide had more strength than most to escape this life that we all must endure every day. Perhaps that person was more intelligent than all of us because he or she knew the remainder of their life was not worth living. They made a conscientious decision to the end their lives, whereas most of us are too afraid to look in the mirror. The global population can’t deal with their everyday issues so they abuse drugs and alcohol as a method to a slow suicide. What is wrong is that we selfishly forgive those that commit suicide and then selfishly blame them for leaving us. If they were actually our loved ones we would accept and respect their choice. People who commit suicide should be respected for doing something that most of us cannot accomplish. Sometimes the grass might be greener if you choose not to look at it anymore.

|Gianni Franco|


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