|Happy Revolution Eve aka The Purge of 1776|#revolution #4thofjuly2018

A brief summary below. Absolutely nothing has changed in the present day, only their faces and actions are slightly different.

Quill and inkwell on top of Declaration of Independence

Although the War started in 1775 we can use this eve to celebrate its culmination. This war wasn’t about race. That war arrived much later in 1861. The Revolutionary War was about taxes, aka greed. The American people, under British rule, didn’t want their money to go to the British Empire. The Americans, at that time, wanted the money to be used for the colonies. The idea was good, but as we can see today, it didn’t go as planned.

Let’s not forget the Boston Massacre of 1770 where innocent civilians were shot. John Adams, the future President of the United States, defended six of the soldiers who were eventually acquitted of all crimes. You ask yourself; how do we find ourselves here today? Well, a President defended six murderers. Makes complete sense to be where we are today.

Let’s not forget the Boston Tea Party of 1773. The unofficial beginning of the Revolution. The locals in Boston were unhappy with the British law that stated British tea from China could be sold without tariffs. The name of the tea company, British East India. What did the Americans do? Well, they disguised themselves as Indians and threw all the tea into the Boston Harbor. Yes, the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism that blamed Indians for something they did not do.

The list is endless. Research, learn, and write. Without knowledge you have a failed human race.




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