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How to mix two-ingredient Natural Peanut Butter.

The problem: the peanut oil sits atop the paste. 4 easy Steps to mix the oil and peanut butter

I decided to venture into the two-ingredient peanut butter because it’s healthier and tastes better. The problem: the peanut oil sits atop the paste. Mixing by hand is messy and doesn’t always reach the bottom of the jar. I searched the web and found one partially useful solution, but when tried their method didn’t work. I opted to use my method after trial and error.

4 easy steps to mix the oil and peanut butter (the 5th is optional):

  1. When you bring the jar home, flip it upside down and store it for at least 24 hours in this position. You may leave it for 48 or 36 hours, but that’s your choice. Note: From here on out always store the jar on its lid.
  2. After the resting period, shake the jar vigorously for a couple minutes. If you have a plastic container, you can manipulate the malleable exterior to allow the oil to mix with the lower peanut paste.
  3. Repeat this method for the next couple days or until you see the oil mixing with the bottom paste. Again, this may be quicker with the small plastic containers because the oil has less area to travel and permeate. Plus, you can assist the oil dispersion by flexing the jar. The key is to allow the oil to infuse and bind with the paste. Note: The picture I included at the bottom is after 24 hours. As you can see the paste has separated from the bottom of the jar and is mixing with the oil.
  4. Once this process is complete, open and enjoy. You can stir if you’d like, but it shouldn’t be necessary.
  5. Storing in the refrigerator will suspend the mixture, so the oil will not separate as quickly while preserving taste. This step isn’t mandatory. The only issue with the refrigerator is if you get to the bottom of the jar and there isn’t enough oil then the paste will be thick like butter. Letting it sit out for an hour or so should fix the issue.

Enjoy the new benefits and flavor from two-ingredient peanut butter.

by Gianni Franco

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