The Trump Wall and Mexico’s Shortcomings – Gianni Franco

The decision to create the wall has been confirmed by President Trump. Whether you agree or disagree the motion has been set forth by the President and we must now deal with the repercussions, if any. This idea is not a new one. Let us not forget that Israel has built a wall between Palestine recently. The Romans, Chinese, and Germans also built prominent walls during past eras.

The American people will eventually support the wall since the weak American border issue has been lingering for decades. That weak border has caused an increased amount of drugs, illegal immigrant crimes, and deaths to infiltrate America. Trump has a valid point to use an excise tax to build the wall, or at a minimum, it will initiate fear into the Mexican government. Mexico is actually stuck between a rock, the wall, and a hard place, Mexico. Mexico’s dollar has plummeted and any import tax, especially at 20%, will reduce any profit earned substantially. Mexico’s other option, which is still not good, is to negotiate a payment plan for the wall where America does not implement a 20% tax and the Peso regains some of its monetary strength. I believe the latter will come to fruition at some point in time since that makes the most monetary sense for Mexico.

Mexico unfortunately failed its citizens many years ago,border-wall which led to the present day financial shortcomings. Mexico never cared about its citizens or they would have confronted the drug cartels during their inception phase. Mexico’s government officials opted to ignore the severity of the situation and take bribes to allow the cartels to thrive uncontrollably. This ignorance led directly to an uncontrollable crime that forced Mexican citizens to seek shelter in America. The Mexican’s civil situation was so terrible that the repercussions incurred by crossing illegally into America were better than living in Mexico legally. The Mexican people are not at fault. The Mexican government is at fault for letting them down and not supporting them. The cartels thrive making $64 billion a year (laht.com). Yes that is correct. $64 BILLION. If we look back and average 10 years deducting 10% per year we arrive at a total of about $404 Billion. Almost a half-trillion dollars could have paid for Mexican jobs and saved thousands of deaths plus paid for a wall or whatever else anyone needed. From 2006 to 2015, 80,000 people have been killed (CNN.com 2016). The media, as well as Mexican Americans, will portray President Trump as the bad person in this situation. Realistically, it is Mexico that failed its citizens and is to blame for its own shortcomings.

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