The Trump Wall and Mexico’s Shortcomings – Gianni Franco

| Author Gianni Franco |

The decision to create the wall has been confirmed by President Trump. Whether you agree or disagree the motion has been set forth by the President and we must now deal with the repercussions, if any. This idea is not a new one. Let us not forget that Israel has built a wall between Palestine recently. The Romans, Chinese, and Germans also built prominent walls during past eras.

The American people will eventually support the wall since the weak American border issue has been lingering for decades. That weak border has caused an increased amount of drugs, illegal immigrant crimes, and deaths to infiltrate America. Trump has a valid point to use an excise tax to build the wall, or at a minimum, it will initiate fear into the Mexican government. Mexico is actually stuck between a rock, the wall, and a hard place, Mexico. Mexico’s dollar has plummeted and…

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