Happy St Patrick’s Day – Sadly not for Socialist Venezuela |Gianni Franco| #stpatricksday #venezuela

Today is St Patrick’s Day in America as well as other countries in the world. The celebration in each city will start with a parade and then develop into a binge drinking festival. Shots of Irish whiskey, glasses of green beer, and orange shamrock shirts will certainly fill all the bars and pubs throughout every city’s streets.

socialism I

St Patrick was certainly not a drunken priest and the celebration of St Patrick’s Day was created to honor St Patrick and Christianity in Ireland. The Church decided to lift the Lenten restrictions to consume alcohol on this day and that is why drinking became so prevalent.

Whether you are religious or not you do have the ability to celebrate, drink, and eat today because you live in a free Democratic and Capitalistic society. When you live in a Socialistic society then those freedoms are removed.

Case in point is today in Venezuela. Socialism has reached an unnerving point in modern global society. While everyone celebrates today they must understand that in Venezuela they are arresting bakers for selling bread and pastries. A baker in Venezuela is only allowed to make French and white bread using the government controlled flour. Bakers have been accused of making additional items, such as pastries with government flour, and have been arrested and jailed. They have also been arrested for charging incorrect prices. There is a shortage of food, wheat, and medical supplies. Patients cannot be treated in the hospital and children cannot be fed. The government’s solution to mitigate product discrepancies is to arrest as many people as possible in any industry. That is not a solution but a repercussion of socialism.

socialism II

The situations that continue to unfold in Venezuela are much disparate than ours in America or for that matter the rest of the world. The next time you think of attempting to vote for Socialist or Anarchist parties remember Venezuela. Remember that in a Socialist society you do not have any freedom. An individual does not have the ability to own a business nor has the ability to buy products not owned by the government. A Socialist government is tyrannical, removes freedom, creates deadly class divisions, and kills the economy and its people. Total freedom should be the only primary objective by all people! No government control!

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