Has the Power of the Pen been defeated? |Gianni Franco| #writing #freedomofthepress #enlightenment @giannifranco.com

A question that probably means more in the present century than all past centuries. Ironically most people do not even use pens or pencils anymore to write and writing has become more important than in the past when pens and pencils were widely used. I still do write some of my longer pieces on paper but the shorter ones are usually done by computer. At the other end of the spectrum is the 140 character tweet that barely describes the article or idea and lends much of the reader to infer. In fact, the prior sentence is 141 characters showing how Twitter is so constrained. That being said, Facebook and blogs do seem to allow for a better communicative experience for the reader and writer.

Power of the pen I

The news organizations have failed us and that is evident in most print articles and television networks. I include all of television because it seems the reporting of the news has spread from news networks to talk shows to television shows. The problem is not that news is spread across many avenues but that the news is completely distorted by the time the news anchor or talk show host speaks. The information is either falsely reported or it is so politically skewed to one side or the other that the actual news is convoluted. News reporting is supposed to be same and not change as it is transmitted. Example original news: The dog stole a bone. News network: The carnivorous dog viciously attacked and bit the lone child and then stole a bleeding bone leaving no survivors.

Has the power of the pen died? I am a believer that it has not died as long as there are readers that believe in writing’s cause. Sift through all the written garbage and you will find gems that provide enlightenment. I certainly seek to accomplish that in every piece that I write, comment, and post.


I have been writing for over 20 years and have decided that the news or current events should be addressed in a concise manner without the need for political or monetary bias. I intend on writing consistent articles with only one goal and that is to enlighten the reader. The current article and newscasts do not typically enlighten their audience especially since the articles or posts are extremely biased. The articles will touch on a multitude of relatable societal topics and no topic is off limits. Comments, either negative or positive, are welcomed as well as sharing. You may submit articles for review and publication as well.

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