Trump’s Fatal Error – Syria |Gianni Franco|#syria #northkorea #worldwar

Seems Trump was a good idea for America a few months ago but his true colors may have just shown through to appease other members of the government. His lack of experience in government has now become evident and his actions show complete disregard for the global ramifications.


Yes I understand and am not emotionless. I have seen the pics of babies dying on the news. I certainly hope that the President didn’t base his decision on bombing Syria based on news pictures.

Let’s begin with the premise of Syrian situation. A country 6000 miles away may or may not have bombed their citizens intentionally with toxic gas. America then decides to bomb Syria in an aggressive act of retaliation while breaking International Law. In general, the Law states that you cannot intentionally bomb a country unless your country is threatened. America retaliated against a country (Syria) for a country (Syria). As you can see that statement makes no sense, thus the bombing of Syria is a declaration of war. America has just proven to ISIL that they are the bully on the block willing to bomb Middle Eastern countries at their leisure. America’s actions will cause more people to join ISIL that will increase the acts of terrorism globally.

Kim Jong Un

The global implications now puts the West vs the East. The United States and NATO vs Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea and China. This scenario can lead to WWIII, where deaths can tally well into the millions, all because President Trump decided to meddle into the business of Syria. I recall a statement that was taught to me when I was a child and even repeated to me as an adult. When someone tries to pry into your situation you explain to them, “To mind their own business and not worry about yours.”


That being said, Americans watch the pictures of the babies dying on the news and jump to an emotional conclusion that Syria should be bombed. Let’s not forget the Americans drawing these conclusions live in nice homes with money in their pocket, food on their table, and a 60 inch plasma tv on their wall. It seems really easy to make the justification about bombing a country when it is not your country.

Syria should not have been bombed. Total death toll from the chemical attack is 72 per ABC. 72 people is a very small percentage of the 440,000 that have died in the civil war in Syria. Thousands have died in other countries as well but America does not bomb those countries. There have been terrorist attacks across the globe but America doesn’t send military to Britain, Sweden, or France. Mind your own business America and concentrate on your country instead of starting a world war.

America doesn’t seem to send military to Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles when children are shot and killed due to street shootings. President Trump will bomb Syria, 6000 miles away for 72 deaths, but will do nothing about our own children’s deaths.

How does that make any sense? It does not.

Ask yourself if bombing Syria was really worth it. It was not.

What was there to gain from bombing Syria, other than upsetting the global community? There is nothing to gain.

Do you even know any Syrians personally? Doubtful.

Syria is not our problem, just as Russia, Italy, France, or any other country is not our problem. America is our problem so fix America and don’t meddle in any other country’s business. Trump should not be defended for his actions.

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