An Interview with Donald Trump the President by Craig Anfinno #trump #interview

This interview with President Donald Trump took place on Friday February 17th 2017; exactly 30 days after Inauguration Day, at the Mar-a-Lago Resort in Palm Beach, FL. I was flown into Fort Lauderdale, FL by way of private jet that was supplied by the Trump family. After landing, a Presidential limousine picked me up and brought me to a helicopter that took me to the Mar-a-Lago estate. I was escorted to the front door of the mansion and instructed to immediately begin the interview at 3 am. Below is a portion of the interview that took place with Donald Trump the President for approximately fifteen minutes; rewritten word for word from a voice recorded session. I may or may not publish the additional portions of the interview.


Craig Anfinno: Thank you for meeting me Mr Trump. I mean President Trump. My name is Craig Anfinno. How does it feel to be President of the United States?

Trump the President: Well, Mr Anfinno, It feels good, very good. I’m king of the world right now so it feels great. I’ll be honest with you. I wasn’t expecting this surprise but it is good. It’s great. I’m number one. I like that feeling.

Craig Anfinno: Please call me Craig, Mr President. Do you have many friends in Washington? The only reason I ask is because no one supported you to your road to the Presidency.

Trump the President: It’s a fair question Craig. I really don’t give an F about friends. I don’t give a crap. I’m President and if they don’t follow me then they will be in trouble and so will the rest of the country. I’m the guy. I’m the man in power.

Craig Anfinno: Do you think the lack of friends in Washington will stop your or this party’s progress?

Trump the President: No I don’t think so. I’m the guy. They have to respect that now. Will it stop progress? Maybe, but what do I care; I’m still rich and will be rich when this is all over. If Washington screws up then oh well. No different than before, right?

Craig Anfinno: I suppose Mr President but it will be your legacy on the line if you are or are not a success. If you fail then you will be viewed as a failure forever.

Trump the President: Really? I didn’t think about that outcome. We businessmen don’t think 20 or 30 years out. We only think a few months or couple years out. Have you read Let’s Make a Deal; I mean The Art of the Deal?

Craig Anfinno: Yes I have read it. It was ok.

Trump the President: Did you know it was number one? That book is exactly how I will run government.

Craig Anfinno: Did you know if you can’t make a deal then the government shuts down and then you affect 300 million people. It’s not about real estate or negotiations because the government doesn’t work that way.

Trump the President: Really? That is so weird. So weird. It should be quick with the deal making like building a golf course or a building. You know what I mean?

Craig Anfinno: I do but that’s not how government works. You will soon learn how it works. It may get ugly without political friends because you have to please so many people. It is completely opposite of the process that you are used to when dealing with a building inspector. Are you ready for that situation?

Trump the President: I am because I am the President. You can’t say no to me. By the way, I want to thank you for this interview.

Craig Anfinno: You are welcome. Let’s move on because they can say no to you. You are not a dictator. We have three branches of government and checks and balances. If you can; please elaborate on your resume for President?

Trump the President: Well, I ran on the ballot, traveled the country, and made speeches.

Craig Anfinno: I mean your prior resume. An example is a senator, governor, mayor, councilman etc.

Trump the President: Oh, I got ya. I negotiated contracts for new and old buildings. I obtained loans from banks. I also did comedic drama for The Apprentice on NBC. You remember that show Craig? I used to fire people and I was funny and the drama was the firing part. That was a good gig. Easy. Very easy.

Craig Anfinno: Yes I do remember. Was there any other political experience? I am just trying to be fair here because you didn’t mention any other experience.

Trump the President: Yes. I did go to dinners and I was on the Howard Stern show as well as other shows. I wasn’t political but I did comedy and shook hands with people. Isn’t that how politicians actually work at their jobs?

Craig Anfinno: No Sir. There is no comedy in Washington and it is not fun. You can fire people and that could have other serious effects because they are not on a TV show. They are actually working within the government to create laws and get them passed that affects 300 million people.

Trump the President: Hmm. That is very interesting Craig. I promise I will figure it out or someone in my Party will figure it out.

Craig Anfinno: Can you rely on your party members since you have no government experience?

Trump the President: I suppose I can. I can fire them and keep hiring people that agree with me.

Craig Anfinno: Sir that is not how it works. What you just described is a dictatorship. In the USA you can’t fire everyone. There is a voting process. Remember the checks and balances thing I mentioned before in our conversation? Plus if you don’t hire the right people or make the right decisions you affect 300 million lives plus possible global repercussions. Did you know that Sir?

Trump the President: Global? Why are you talking about global?

Craig Anfinno: The USA is part of the global community and is a leader globally. Any actions you take in America affects the other 8 billion people in the world. Did you not know that?

Trump the President: I did know that. I’m just saying it will be great and I will fix everything.

Craig Anfinno: Moving on Sir. How will you handle North Korea?

Trump the President: Easy question. Thank you Craig. I will nuke them and everyone else around there just like Truman did back in the day.

Craig Anfinno: Mr President are you sure about that answer? You can’t just nuke countries because there are severe repercussions, especially innocent lives and nuclear fallout. Are you sure?

Trump the President: Yes I’m sure. I make the final decision but I have a great team that will figure it out.

Craig Anfinno: What if no one on your team likes you? Do you remember Julius Cesar? He was killed by his close confidents.

Trump the President: Yes I will nuke them, bomb them, and remove them from the map. I am President of the World. It will be fine. My team you ask? I am not concerned with them or Julius Cesar. Cesar controlled Rome; I control the World. It’s all about winning at all costs like The Art of the Deal or Charlie Sheen.

Craig Anfinno: Ok. Let’s move on. How do you feel about the Middle East and Syria? What will you do with them?

Trump the President: I will nuke them, bomb them, and remove them from the map. If you screw with America then you will pay the price of the toll.

Craig Anfinno: Sir, there are no tolls. There are innocent lives. Killing people like Truman did in the past does not make for a successful future. We are a global economy and having global allies is important. Do you understand that ideal?

Trump the President: I do but nuking and bombing will fix everything. We will just destroy everything and then start over again like 1960. That was the time when America was great. I’m better than Regan, better than Truman, and better than Kennedy. It will all work out.

Craig Anfinno: What if it does not work out?

Trump the President: Well, I guess I don’t care. I have so much money that me and all my fellow rich people will survive any war hiccups, nuclear or not.

Craig Anfinno: Ok. So you have no friends in politics, no experience, and no knowledge of government. How do you see yourself after four years in office?

Trump the President: You know, I am just going to go with the flow. I’m not being fake. I can’t predict that far in advance nor do I want to. Could be bad; could be good; could be even. If people get out of line then I will take care of them with force or without force. Again, I am President. I have protection, bunkers, planes, helicopters, and money. I’ll be fine with a hiccup. The Captain of the ship is the only one left after everyone else falls off. I will make sure I will be the only one left except my ship won’t sink. I’ll have a separate ship.

Craig Anfinno: Wow. Ok. Thank you for the interview and thank you for your time. I am going to go now and I wish you and your team the best.

Trump the President: Why are you going so soon?

Craig Anfinno: Our time is up and you have explained enough of your priorities. I feel it is best that we do not continue any longer and I thank you for your time. Have a good morning Mr President.

Trump the President: Bye bye. It will be great. Great again. Bye bye. Very good.

Needless to say, I was completely disappointed in the interview and I left slightly worried and scared. Perhaps I would have felt more at ease if he had some prior political experience nationally and globally. Only time will tell and I do not believe it will be positive.



Disclaimer: Thank you for reading. Please re-read only the boldfaced italicized & underlined words sequentially to explain the article.

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