President Trump Making Muslims Great Again |Gianni Franco|#Trump

Saudi Arabia. Trump ran on the platform about banning Muslims and making America great again. Although I do not agree with the ban, Trump is actually making Muslims great again and not America. No single payer healthcare for the American people or tax reform but Saudi Arabia gets a weapons deal.

Oh look the Trump supporters have been duped again but none of the alt-right news stations report it as such nor do his Facebook supporters mention it. You are all delusional just as you were when you voted for him. He played on your every conspiracy theory and you fell for it. You never voted for a Conservative or a Republican. You voted for a landlord that got a TV show called The Apprentice. Trump is the furthest thing from Ronald Reagan and insulted Reagan by stealing a line that Reagan frequently used, ‘Make America Great Again.’

Trump Saudi

During the Memorial Day weekend when Veterans were being honored Trump signed a $350 billion deal with Saudi Arabia. The same Saudi Arabia that partially sponsored and funded the 9/11 attacks. Of that $350 billion, $110 billion is immediately available to Saudi Arabia as a weapons deal. If you thought this President couldn’t make any more mistakes he trumps himself. Let’s sell more weapons to the Muslims and then they can use those weapons against the US.

I am certain that when the shipment is delivered to Saudi Arabia a good percentage of those weapons will be delivered to the hands of the terrorists. If Saudi Arabia helped fund 9/11 I am also certain they currently fund ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and other Islamic terrorist factions. Don’t send a comedic reality television star to do a President’s job. Why didn’t America just vote for Kim Kardashian?

Germany. You would think it couldn’t get any worse but it did. Trump arrived in Germany and told them that they need to pay more to NATO in order to have NATO’s protection. He also stated that the German cars will need to be taxed more as an import to the United States. If Germany decides not to pay the tax then all imports should be halted. In great linguistic fashion of a six year old Trump called Germany, ‘bad, very bad’. What’s more ironic is he told the Germans no deal but most of his votes came from the alt-right which includes the KKK and Nazi Reform Party based on old German ideals.

Trump destroyed the alliance that Germany and Europe once had with the United States making Trump and America an international disgrace. It will be interesting to see if Germany aligns itself with Russia in the coming years, with the rest of Europe to follow. Trump is making America great again just like it was in the 1950s, Bel-Air and war. The only exception is the egomaniacal inexperienced narcissist has a Twitter account that he doesn’t know how to use professionally.

Climate Change. Trump did not stop there and then arrived in Sicily and told the G7 that he does not want to participate in the Paris Agreement that combats climate change even though 194 other countries participate. A fact is that the United States is 2nd to China for carbon emissions and now has pulled out of an agreement to make the global environment cleaner. These types of actions are typical pompous and idiotic moves that we have been consistently shown by Trump from day one.

Pope. Prior to the G7 he met with the Pope and none of the communication between the two was released other than, ‘he is something’ and ‘I will not forget what you said.’ There were no top secret meetings with the Pope and the best they could come up were the two prior statements. The two statements are much shorter than his typical 140 character rants on Twitter.

Trump. What is wrong with the President? The answer is everything. His future failure in the President’s chair will forever change politics and no independent will ever be considered again. One person can ruin it for the rest and in the process take everything else down with him.

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