13 Reasons Why this @netflix Series is Poorly Written |Gianni Franco| #13reasonswhy #suicide

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  1. Suicide is portrayed as a simple way out of stressful situations
  2. The writers of the show excuse Hannah, the main character, from any fault to committing suicide as long as the blame upon others is vaguely justified
  3. Mr Porter, the school counselor, is portrayed as being at fault even though he offered Hannah ample opportunities to press charges for rape
  4. Hannah is portrayed as being weak so she does not have to address any of the issues she is confronted with during her daily activities outside or inside of school
  5. Justin who comes from the abusive and drug addict family does not commit suicide but Hannah from the good family does take her life
  6. Hannah when approached in an honest manner by Zach to date; she shrugs him off aggressively for no reason and that action is justified
  7. Hannah is exploited by Tyler during the lesbian scene but Hannah never owns up to experiencing the lesbian experience. Again it is Courtney’s fault for not continuing the make out session or the relationship. Hannah does not get her way so she is hurt. There are plenty of LBGTQ people in high school that do not commit suicide.
  8. Tyler may or may not shoot up the school at some point in the series. He is an aggressor but will be justified for his actions because of how his aggressions were rebuked by his fellow students.
  9. The parents forgive and hug Hannah from losing the rent money but Hannah still feels overwhelmed because she was forgiven and has a loving family.
  10. Hannah dialogues all 13 tapes before her suicide even though in a typical scenario that would be a therapeutic mental exercise. An individual would have had her or his burdens relieved after spending thirteen hours documenting every single situation in their lives. Journals are typically suggested by psychologists for people that are suffering from any mental issue. She went beyond a journal and actually recorded 13 hours of why she was hurt and could have resolved the issues with herself or a psychologist verbally.
  11. The school is being sued for the suicide of a student when in fact the school has nothing to do with an individual’s choice. Suicide is the most decisive and personal decision any human being can make in their life. They know the results of their actions at the point of decision. They know there is no turning back and the outcome will be fatal. The writers lay blame again on something or someone else to justify Hannah’s suicide.
  12. Hannah is voted as having the best ass in school but instead of taking that as a compliment she turns any positives into a negative.
  13. Tony, the gay Spanish male, is the support for all of the students and has no inclination to commit suicide. He has a life that is harder than Hannah or any other student. He is a gay brown skinned teenager in a school of mostly whites with a dominant father. The other families including Hannah have supportive loving families. The only other exception is Justin who lives in a broken home with a drug addict mom and abusive drunk boyfriend. Neither Tony nor Justin have any inclination to commit suicide. giannifranco.com


Each generation has their issues with teen suicide. When I was growing up suicide was trending as well. So much so that the movie Heathers was at the theaters and everyone wanted to watch it. The movie was about how cool suicide was and the goal was for each student to outdo the other to get more attention after their death.

I understand there are problems in any high school. I went to high school and it was not a fun time for me either. Yes, I was bullied. Yes, I was made fun of on numerous occasions. Yes, there was abuse. I will not elaborate on the abuse in this article. Yes, my home life was horrible. I didn’t even have real friends. Based on my life the writer would have had me commit suicide as an easy way out because everything around me was so bad. I obviously did not commit suicide and my life was worse than all of them except for the Justin and Tony.

Suicide is obviously a serious scenario for anyone that is directly affected by that action. The memories and devastation suicide causes to family and friends can last a long time, sometimes even a lifetime. 13 Reasons Why downplays the effects on family and friends and makes suicide acceptable as long as there is someone to blame. If that was the case then everyone should commit suicide whether in high school or adulthood. We all have problems and we all must deal with them but when you come from a great family with a great support structure there is no need to write a story that plays on the faults of others to justify suicide as an easy escape from life and its problems.

Furthermore, society blames those that commit suicide as being flawed and mentally ill or unstable. That humiliation is unfair to the individual that has passed away. Perhaps the person that committed suicide had more strength than most to escape this life that we all must endure every day. Perhaps that person was more intelligent than all of us because he or she knew the remainder of their life was not worth living. They made a conscientious decision to the end their lives whereas most of us are too afraid to even think about or just abuse drugs and alcohol as a method to a slow suicide. What is wrong is that we selfishly forgive them and selfishly blame them for leaving us. If they were actually our loved ones we would accept their choice and not be mad at them or blame them for their choice. People who commit suicide should be respected for doing something that most of us cannot accomplish. Sometimes the grass might be greener on the other side and everyone should not assume that everything in this world is as good as it seems. www.giannifranco.com

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