|Did the Chicken or the Egg Come First?| |The Answer is Simple.| |Gianni Franco|

chicken eggIf you are reading this you may ask yourself, “Does Gianni Franco think about things like this on a daily basis?” The answer is yes, since my mind rarely rests.

Finally you can put this stupid question that you hear all the time to rest by following the simple process of logic. The answer is simple because the chicken came first. The egg is an inherent byproduct of the reproductive cycle of the chicken due to evolution. The egg cannot reproduce on its own without the chicken to produce it.

Analogy – Did the baby come first or the human? The human of course. The baby is the inherent function of the reproductive cycle of the human due to evolution. Without the reproductive cycle of the human, the baby cannot be formed and eventually be born. As such, the egg of the chicken cannot come to exist without the chicken.

The eggshell is the byproduct of reproduction and excessive calcium in the chicken. The baby chicken/yolk encapsulates itself with the eggshell as does the placenta in the human.

Please do not use the argument that the egg mysteriously appeared to form a chicken because that does follow the process of logic. Some of you may use that theory and you have a right to believe it to be true, but it is not. Thank you for reading and hope that you can appreciate that I have cleared up the chicken and egg question in one page. If you would like additional information on human birth or eggs please feel free to use Google. – Gianni Franco

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