|Millennials are just Fine| |Don’t Hate Them Yet| |Gianni Franco| #millennials #generations

We hear about Millennials everywhere and see the derogatory comments towards them online. The Millennials are fine and they should not be ridiculed just yet. They are the future and could be more important than any other generation, including mine.

I am a Generation X’er and have the utmost respect for Millennials if they can move America and the World forward. Do not bring America or the World backwards in time. The past has been riddled with errors and only the present can fix the future. Bring inclusion, equality, and innovation to the forefront. Do not listen to the goals and values of Generation X, the Baby Boomers, or the Traditionalists. Those generations have failed and should not be followed. Those generations want to keep looking backwards to keep their fading youth relative. They will always misinform you and give you a jaded spiel, followed by their typical statement that says they are wiser. I can assure they are not.

MillennialsMillennials, you are the generation that can bring change to every aspect of society. You can glean information from thousands of years of history and apply the correct and just logic for all the upcoming generations to follow. Do not hate each other as the prior generations have done. Do not alienate races, religions, sexuality, and cultures. Do bring people together from all walks of life no matter how they look, act, or talk. Do not judge them by how much money they have. Just because someone has money does not make them intelligent. In most cases people with money are dumber than you. I have met many of those people.

You are more intelligent than all of the preceding generations and need to teach the upcoming generations, especially iGen, on how to act to make society one. Do not listen to those that pose as authority because they do not have your best interests in mind. People in power or authority do not care about you, me, or the future. Do not follow Presidents, Congressmen, or Leaders of Nations. They have desecrated the world and killed millions of innocent people for their personal gains.

Listen to yourself and make your decisions based on logic. Logic will save you from making any errors in judgement. Remember to use logic and not emotion. You have the ability to search and research anything in the world with a touch or swipe from a computer or phone. No other generation has had that ability and they scorn all of you because they are all envious of your capabilities.

Study history. Study the leaders. Study the drug war. Study the world wars. Once you find the truth you will understand everything they have told you and taught you is a lie. Do not be a pawn in the game of world chess. Be a leader. Be a generation that will respected by the future. Do not be a generation that is hated by the future. Do not forget that old people are too lazy or ignorant to evolve with the future and learn, which makes them dumb.

Evolution is the process of advancement that includes one race, the human race, to work together to succeed. There are no colors or genders in the human race since we all started as one asexual being. Please Millennials, for the love of the universe, do not fail its humans or the entity itself. Follow Science and Logic, Logic and Science. If you fail to understand this then you will be viewed as the worst generation that ever existed.                                               Gianni Franco

https://giannifranco.com/2017/06/16/our-last-conversation-micro-fiction-the-story-of-two-lovers/ Millennials

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