Twitter extortion continued… @jackdorsey @twitter

Week 2. Twitter extortion continued… Please visit the link to read my prior post describing Twitter’s destruction of free speech and extortion tactics. I’ve reattached the screenshots in this post at the bottom.


Two weeks have passed and still no appeal resolution from Twitter. To no avail, I also filed an additional form through their help section. The case, if you’ve reviewed the prior post and screenshots, will show I’ve been suspended for literally violating None of Twitter’s rules. I’m certain this has happened to others on the Twitter platform as well as Facebook and Instagram. I’m only going to use the big three, actually two, since Facebook owns Instagram, because of viewership. Google will not be mentioned because they are the largest and seem to be doing a better job at maintaining and deleting the proper accounts for misusing their terms and conditions.

Twitter and Facebook have monopolized free speech and have become deadly, misappropriated publishers, picking and choosing who can post and which commenter they want to ban without even following their published guidelines. Why is this important? Many reasons, but we’ll focus on one, since their account is extremely active and spreading false information as well as voter suppression, violence, and racism. You may have guessed who it is and he has a Blue Checkmark. I can’t and will not utter his name. His reference is Mr. Orange Clown.

Let’s start with the Blue Checkmark. It is a tattoo of sorts, an insignia, which allows a Tweeter to do what they want, when they want, with zero repercussions. Jack Dorsey and Twitter will flag one out of thousands of tweets for Mr. Orange Clown while this man destroys the United States via race wars and voter suppression. How can Jack Dorsey even look in his billion dollar mirror every morning when he wakes? He doesn’t care because it doesn’t affect him. He’s lost perspective on society because he’s too wealthy, as is the case for most of these ingratiated hedonistic billionaires and multimillionaires. You must let them know by over-posting, oversharing, and boycotting. We NEED and DEMAND change to these broken digital platforms. Deleting your account is also another option, but that will only work if everyone follows suit. They don’t care about you and me. They care about Us.

The blatant disregard for rule violations. How can Mr. Orange Clown post at his leisure with zero consequences? I don’t have that answer. It’s as if the Orange Clown has wielded a sword, albeit tiny, like Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, and Franco. Neither Jack Dorsey nor Mark Zuckerberg address Mr. Orange Clown, yet they ban thousands of accounts daily who do the same thing as Mr. Orange Clown. We can only address these issues as a collective. If we do not, then we will wake one morning and realize these online publishers have turned into digital papers run by an autocracy. History is repeating itself circa 1922. If Twitter and Facebook had existed during the eras of Mussolini and Hitler, then the today’s world would be flipped 180 degrees. We would be suffering under a global dictatorship with no freedom like North Korea. We are not far from this scenario. You may call me crazy, but the truth is when the snowball continues down the hill it increases in size tenfold, until it hits the village and causes an avalanche destroying multiple communities in the area.

I may have to decline the appeal process because Twitter has extorted me for two weeks. The appeal process could be indefinite or they may decide to disable my account. They’ve succeeded holding my account hostage and forcing me to delete a tweet that didn’t violate the rules. This is also called violating my first amendment rights. I’ve contacted the ACLU, but I’m certain I’m on a long list. If anyone reading this wants to assist and has an in at the ACLU or any other avenue that wants to represent this Free Speech violation, please let me know or forward my articles to them. Keep fighting for our rights and stay united, loving your fellow humans who do not cause others any harm.

                                                                                            Gianni Franco



  1. “Unbiased”, really?
    Defending freedom of speech means that you tolerate opinions that are not yours.
    Heck, you would even fight to allow opinions you disagree with to not be censored.
    You compare our president to some of the worst dictators in history.
    Only because the degree to which he upsets you makes you feel that it’s at the same level of the worst that you can think of.
    You are not a smart person and you are dangerous.
    This extreme way of thinking is what divides the world and pushes people further in their disillusion.
    That’s a great path to more violence which I am sure you approve of as long as it’s coming from the side you want to win.
    I am a random stranger on the internet so I know you will easily discard my opinion.
    However, if anything useful can be coming from my message: imagine that there’s people who think the exact opposite of you, with the same passion and with the same feeling of rightness.
    So a little of humility please.
    Conservatives today ask for less censorship.
    Liberals ask for more censorship, as long as it is in favor of their views.
    Which side are you on really?


    1. Thank you for commenting. Two things: 1) You did not read the article. I addressed how speech is one-sided. I’ve been suspended from Twitter for non-derogatory comments while others, who have violated the rules, are not. Nor did I mention Party affiliation. 2) Freedom of Speech does not protect lying, misinformation, propaganda, violence, etc… One cannot yell “fire” in a theater where no fire exists. (see The Schenck case). Nor can I publish a Fiction novel as Non-Fiction, or a History novel as Present day, or a Children’s novel as Adult. The sky is blue not green.


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