President Trump Making America Sad Again + Future Predictions |Gianni Franco| #Trump #orangeisnotthenewblack

President Trump went from Making America Great Again to making America sad again. I had high hopes for him to succeed since he was the elected President. Note to self; never bet on an underdog. He has held office for over 100 days and the future looks bleak at best. I have been told by people that they voted for Trump because the other option, Hillary Clinton, was much worse. I thought about their logic for a couple days arguing the pros and cons with myself and the reasoning does not make sense. The most simplistic way to explain this logic is in this example:

I needed to get my car serviced. I did my research for the most experienced mechanic in the area and then took my car to their shop to get serviced. That is the most logical thought process that most or all people take when in need of a mechanic. Another option could be to ask friends and relatives for a good mechanic. You certainly do not take your car repairs to the local pizzeria and hope they can fix it. They make pizza not fix cars. You can substitute the term mechanic with anything; use doctor, lawyer, dentist, chef, construction, accountant, etc…

Let’s correlate this thought process with the Presidential election:

America needed a qualified President to run the nation domestically and globally. America decided to pick a comedic reality television star with absolutely zero experience in politics, government or military. He never even held a local council position. Trump probably didn’t even take any political science courses while acquiring his education. Let’s see if there could have been a friend recommendation for Trump. The answer is emphatically, No. Trump had such a lack of experience in politics that no one in his political party supported him throughout the Presidential race.

Let’s recap:

Americans will hire a qualified mechanic to work on their cars but did not hire a qualified candidate to run their country. The current President is a loose cannon that uses simplified words such as great and good to get his points across to the public. Does he think he is speaking to a public whose average age is six years old so he condescends with small words? Yes.

He has threatened the former FBI Director, James Comey, with a release of taped recordings. This is the same Comey who refused to mix politics with the FBI. Seems the new rule by Trump is that if you don’t mix politics with the FBI then you are fired just like a dictatorship. Trump leaks classified information to Russia during a meet and greet instead of in a professional manner behind closed doors with his security advisors and then fires Comey the next day. What a grand coincidence. Ironically, no one should know about classified information but yet everyone knows.

He attempts to convey all his messages in 140 word tweets, which is absolutely ridiculous. Any of us who tweet regularly know that scenario just does not work. He has attempted to put a halt to daily briefings in true Nazi form. I suppose some of his supporters, including David Duke from that sect of American society, will applaud him.

The new health care act will fail resulting in unaffordable rates for people over the age of 50 and those with pre-existing conditions. Young people will certainly not take the insurance and if they do buy the insurance their lower rates will not be subsidize the older people on individual plans. Taxes will be only reduced for the rich, while everyone else pays more to subsidize the millionaires. The CEO of Aetna stated single payer should be discussed nationally as was Medicare in 1965. Single payer is the only solution since all other attempts have failed. http://www.giannifranco.com

The Future:

Sean Spicer will quit the daily briefings because he no longer can take the pressure from the haphazard Administration. You can only sidestep lies for so long before you can no longer respond. That scenario probably intertwines to Trump’s threat to stop the daily briefings. Trump’s angle is that it is better to have a dictator-type administration and not communicate with the public rather than to inform them with side stepping lies that build upon other lies. A saying we were all told as children, “Don’t tell white lies because they will catch up with you.”

Trump may quit the Presidency or have his one or two closest friends in politics set him up to withdraw amicably. Note he has no other friends in politics. Trump may get into legal trouble and that will negatively impact his Presidency forcing his removal. His shotgun approach to international issues may ruin his presidency as well. If he initiates a nuclear world war or additional bombings of countries where we do not belong his domestic political retribution will be severe.

He will fail as Julius Cesar failed in his last year in office. Do not get this confused; I am not comparing President Trump to Julius Cesar. Cesar is an example of a leader beloved by all who was politically destroyed and assassinated by his closest allies. Trump will probably not literally be removed fatally like Cesar but he may be politically assassinated by his allies within government. You can sense this scenario currently occurring because Trump has no experience and relies on his staff to give him advice. When given the wrong advice he will spiral into certain failure. This is not a conspiracy theory since those theories do not exist. It is a logical thought process that can occur by his enemies within government, as did with Julius Cesar.


America, you signed up for this, and now must reap its false rewards. Next time you decide to vote; look for a candidate with experience if you don’t like the opponent. Do not just vote for a candidate because it is your only option. It is your right not to vote. There were other options and you did not have to pick the comedic reality star who grew up as a child with a $200 million bank account. Most Americans grow up with .001% of that number which is $2000. At best, if Trump wanted to be involved in politics he should have just acquired a talk show on Sirius XM.  www.giannifranco.com

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