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The Living Loving Rochester, NY Series – Article 4

    Let’s begin with a definition and a beer review to then be followed by Louis Wehle. Genesee is derived from the Seneca Indians, which means pleasant valley.


I purchased a twelve pack of the award winning Genesee Cream Ale before I began writing this article. Some time had passed since drinking Genesee, so I thought, why not give it a go? I wasn’t disappointed. The crisp flavor, as bright as the green twelve ounce can, rouses you to take a swig; further complimented by a simple bold block font that spells Genesee Cream Ale. The image towards the top of the can is that of six row barley, one of their main ingredients, that is combined with corn grits (corn meal) and hops. Cream Ale boasts a 5.1% alcohol content with 162 calories per serving, while Genesee Light has only 100 calories with 4.0% alcohol. Bang for the buck with great taste, hands down winner across the board. Ryan Emery from the Washington Post declared it the best inexpensive beer in his article from Jan 08th 2016. (See all the beers made at the Genesee Brewery at the end of this article.)



The Genesee Brewery officially began in 1878. Mathius Kondolf purchased Reisky and Spies, formed in 1857, and renamed it. In 1916 Mathius hired Louis A. Wehle as the youngest brew master in New York at the age of 27. Prohibition, the 18th amendment, banned alcohol nationwide in 1919, shutting down breweries for over ten years. Louis switched gears and entered the baking industry. In 1933, the 21st amendment repealed Prohibition. He repurchased the Genesee Brewery that same year with the proceeds from selling his baking business.

Louis was a personal friend to Franklin Roosevelt and was elected as Conservation Commissioner in 1955. He lived in Scottsville Chili on a 1700 acre estate located at 2175 Scottsville Rd. He wrote the New York State Fishing Guide in 1951 and self-published a 180 page memoir, This was my Life, in 1960. He supported civil rights and fair job practices, believing successful businesses should always give back to the community to build them. He passed away at his estate on November 21, 1964.

|Gianni Franco|

List of Beers by the Genesee Brewery:

Genesee Beer, Genesee Light, Genesse Black, Genesee Ice, Genesee NA, Cream Ale, Original Cream Ale, Oktoberfest, Bock, Stout, Ruby Red Kolsch, Bourbon Barrell Aged, GBH Beer, Juicy IPA, Scotch Ale, Dundee Ales and Lagers, Seagram’s Malt Beverages, Dog Bite High Gravity.

Contract Brewing:

Trouble Brewing, Narragansett Brewing Company, Seven Kings Brewery, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Mountain Brew Beer Ice, Stew Brew, Big Flats 1901, Tap Room IPA, Sainsbury’s American Pale Ale

Genesee Brewery owns the import rights for Labatt Beers

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